Spicing Things Up With Hair Color!

Ready for a change?

Aren’t we all. If you’re looking to spice up your look the easiest way is with hair color. We’ve all done it as sixteen year old rebels but now, with help from Hairoics, changing your hair color can be easy, fun, and still look professional and sexy!

Whether you’ve been coloring your hair for years or you’re deciding to try something new, choosing the right color is tough. Picking that perfect shade that enhances your features and expresses your personal style is not as easy as it sounds. What’s your dream color? The beauty of coloring your hair today is the fact that you can have that exact color you’ve always wanted and with Hairoics on your team you always get natural looking results.

Hair color is divided into five basic groups:hair dye in Outer Banks

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Blonde
  • Red
  • Highlights

Most colors are offered in a Natural, Cool, or Warm tone.  Natural gives you the choice of enhancing your hair colors natural tones. Cool uses hints of ash and beige tones. Warm generally incorporates brighter tones such as gold and bronze.

If you’re like most of us you want to know what’s “in” before you jump in.

The Blondette is somewhere between light brown and dark blonde. This color is perfect for those who just cant pick one. Why chose when you can have them both? The Blondette look has recently been picked up by numerous celebrities including Katie Cassidy, Kelly Osbourne, and even Chris Brown! Who knew men could pull off blondette too!

The Redhead Revolution! Red hair is making a huge comeback. From Rianna’s tomato red to Nicole Kidman’s return to her natural red. Though there are lots of great options to choose from, the easiest to pull off is a subtle red tone that shines bright in the sun or gives your hair that extra depth in the dark.

Hair color on the Outer BanksTwo Toned, Dip Colored might sound more like a game but this color (or colors) is coming into style as a hot new edgy, low-maintence look. By mixing a different hair color through your ends you’ll not only create a hair color that is very low on the up-keep factor, but one that looks natural. Stick to blondes and browns for a subtle look or try bright tones for some added funk.

As the best hair salon on the Outer Banks, Hairoics can spice up your hair with beautiful color and also give you a beautiful cut at the same time! Just stop by the hair salon and talk to our professionals about which options are right for you!

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    Great article! For 3 tips for picking a new hair color, check out

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      Natalie, i’ll try to have an answer for you asap. I’ve emailed Jim Williams, he should have a better idea. Thanks for stopping by the blog!

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    My hair is black and I am looking to get something NEW! Any suggestions or ideas? I am Hispanic and am of a darker complexion. Thanks!

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