Hairoics’ Hairstyles For Your Prom

For years, Hairoics’ been the preferred salon for all Outer Banks Prom preparations

The Prom.  When you visualize your prom, images of young men looking oh-so grown up in their tuxedos and beautifully gowned young ladies probably swirl through your head.  The prom is usually the first special occasion event teenagers have where they dress up and put forth their mature, adult image.  Girls spend a lot of time carefully picking out that “perfect” dress to present that image, so why would you want to wear your everyday hair and makeup?

No Ordinary Day..

If you are investing a lot of money in your dress to obtain that polished image, spend the little extra to have your hair and makeup professionally done.  Even celebrities use makeup artists and stylists to help them present their best image.

You wouldn’t wear your everyday skirts or jeans to the prom would you?  So why would you want to wear your everyday hairdo and makeup?  This is your day to shine and show the world how beautiful and mature you are.  Let the professionals complete that image for you.  This is your once in a lifetime prom.

Your Day to Shine!

Stylists and makeup artists are professionally trained to give you the adult image you want to project.  You want your whole appearance to look polished and mature.  Trust your appearance to someone with the skills and experience to make you look great for that special night.

Having your hair and makeup done will make you feel as special as you look for that special night.

Photography by Lori Douglas (thank you Lori!)