Pro Tips to a Tear-free Children Haircut

Our experienced stylists know how to reduce the stress of the haircut for the little ones

obx-children-haircuts-1Taking your children to get their hair cut on the Outer Banks doesn’t need to be stressful.   If you have a young child, take the time to explain what is going to happen before their appointment.  This way, the experience will not be a total surprise and frighten them. Taking a small toy along can help keep them calm when they sit in the stylist’s chair.  If there is an older sibling, let the older child go first so the little one can see that getting a haircut isn’t a scary experience.

Additionally, it helps if the stylist has the know-how to work with children. At Hairoics, we have several professional stylists experienced in working with children.  We have big pillows and special chairs just for them. We have child-themed apparel and create a fun, kid-friendly environment.  Our stylists will take the time to make sure your child is comfortable and happy about getting their haircut.

Our stylists can give professional haircuts to your children on the Outer Banks, no matter what their age.  We know the latest styles and trends for children, from toddlers through teenagers.

At Hairoics, we strive to make your child’s haircut a fun experience for them.  We want to be your family salon on the Outer Banks.

Children Haircut Gallery

Some inspiration for the little ones. Share these pics with your little ones.