Beautiful Summer Wedding Hairstyles on the Outer Banks

The summertime is the perfect time to schedule your wedding.  As you walk down that aisle, you can feel just like a goddess in the beautiful sun. But of course, to shine your brightest, a little bit of pampering couldn’t hurt and that’s where Hairoics can help!

Amazing Advice


  • A Great Look: If you’re complimenting your hair with a veil, flowers (or even nothing), long locks that move and look good in the sunny surroundings is always a great look.
  • hair salon on the outer banksGet the Fix: Make your hair stand out with shiny tresses. Highlights always look great in a photograph and add definition and movement to your hair. For natural looking strands, try baliage. This highlighting technique throws the traditional foils in the trash because the Outer Banks hair salon stylist paints color on various strands by hand. Instead of bland highlights, you’ll get definition and natural-looking locks. Plus, since the color blends in with your roots, it’s easier to maintain.
  • Tips for After Wedding: When considering the honeymoon, it’s important to keep your strands protected when you’re out in the sun.  Hair is no different from skin and can get sunburn, so keep it hydrated with a leave-in sunscreen.

The Dream Hairstyle

As the best hair salon of the Outer Banks, Hairoics can make the perfect wedding hairstyle just for your wedding.  If you want your hair down in beautiful strands, or pulled up in a sophisticated or playful way, Hairoics can easily get the job done. Stop by today and start planning the hairstyle of your dreams!