Makeup Tips: Feeling Beautiful in the Summer!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to think about the heat and the sun, and how it will affect your skin because obviously, it’s different from the winter chill.  Here are some great ideas to keep your makeup matches the shine of the sun every day throughout the summer!

Summer Makeup Ideas

  • What you’re looking for: To match the bright sun, make your complexion glow and have bold eye make to engage the eyes. Also make sure to use everlasting make up so it takes in place under the sweating sun.
  • outer banks hair salon and make upTreatment Options: The Hairoics makeup artists would use an airbrushed makeup technique to so that the makeup looks more natural. This consists of a special foundation formula that is sprayed over your face and neck using an air compressor. It won’t smudge or budge. The result is an oil-free, light base that won’t sweat off.  The Outer Banks makeup artist can even add to the foundation to give a great definition to your cheekbones or add airbrush for a rosy cheek. Before committing to this treatment, however, schedule a trial run at the Outer Banks hair and spa salon. Or if this is for a wedding, have the entire wedding party get their looks polished!
  • Finishing Touches: With the foundation set, add a little color to your eyes and lips to make them pop out. After everything’s finished, set your makeup with a spray sealer to make it anti-smudge protected.

Radiant Goddess

With these makeup tips for the summer, you’re sure to be a radiant goddess every day! And as always, the best Outer Banks hair salon can always fix up a great hairstyle to match. Call today, or ever stop by the salon, and schedule an appointment today!