Hairoics: a Proud Honduras Helper!

Here at Hairoics, we care about helping children just as much as we do about our hair! That’s why we are thrilled to support the Honduras Mission Charity and proudly donate what we can to their noble social cause.

The Honduras Mission

Never heard of the Honduras Mission? It’s a wonderful charity created by a non-profit organization with the sole purpose of helping children suffering from poverty in Honduras. Their hope it to educate these unfortunate children through the Catholic ways so they can better themselves and better their lives as they grow older.

Through building a top-notch medical center, a small school, and a one room church, the Honduras Mission is trying to help as much as possible, but the full time staff is limited and they are depending on outside help: teachers, construction crews, electricians, and so on, to come to their aid.

Join the Cause

We’re able to make all your hair problems go away at our Outer Banks Hair Salon, but we need help from all of our loyal customers to help support the Honduras Mission Charity. The Hondrusas Mission desperately needs the help from everyone that is willing to give a helping hand! Whether it is by donating a small amount of money to help the cause, or by actively helping the children by just being there, it’s up to you to decide. Don’t miss this chance to help others in need!

For more information on the Honduras Mission, you can get all your questions answered at