DYI: The Perfect Summer Wedding Hairstyles

Summer is a great time to have your wedding: warm breezes, beautiful sunshine, not a cloud in the sky. It sounds like a picture-perfect wedding doesn’t it? In reality, though, summer can do a number on your hair and turn your locks into a fizzy mane.  That’s why we’d like to offer these DIY wedding hairstyle tips to make your hair match the beautiful picture.

Your Hair Upwedding hairstyles Outer Banks

  • Hairstyles: You have a variety of styles to choose from: knots, buns, and twists in all shapes and styles, sleek or slightly disheveled. All these has made it in the spot light plenty of times.
  • Getting it: Use a wide-tooth comb and prep your hair with primer or mousse to keep the frizz down. Use the low setting on the blow-drier or just let it air dry. After your hair is completely dry, curl your hair with curling iron or hot rollers. Afterward, apply a thin layer of hair serum to your hands and gently tousle. Sweep tresses back into a low bun, know, or twist for perfection, or slightly messy to enhance the summertime feeling.

wedding hairstylesYour Hair Down

  • Hairstyles: choose between long, delicate waves, glam pin curls or soft flowing hair. Keeping your hair down instantly compliments to summer’s relaxing weather.
  • Getting it: After combing with a paddle brush, work in a curl enhancer from the root of your hair to the tip and scrunch it.  Let it air dry and tousle, or you can blow-dry it on the lowest setting to reduce summer frizz. Using hot rollers will give you hair more structure, but it’s your choice which look you want. Spritz with a light spray to hold the curls and then remove pins or curlers. To give you hair more depth, you can add braids or twists.

With these tips, you are certain to have gorgeous summer hair for your special day. Of course, if you aren’t confident in styling your own hair for the day that will go down in the memory books, Hairoics would be happy to help you.  As the best hair salon on the Outer Banks, Hairoics knows exactly what to do and how to do it to make your summer wedding the picture-perfect image you were waiting for!