Winter Hair Conditioning on the OBX

Winter can play havoc on your hair.  Between the heat when you are inside and the cold when you are outside, your hair can quickly dry out and become brittle.  That is why it is important to use the right kind of conditioner on your hair.

Don’t Mix and Match!

One of the best conditioners you can use is the one that matches your shampoo.  Shampoo manufacturers generally formulate conditioners to go with their shampoo.  For example, if you are using a volumizing shampoo, there is probably a coordinating volumizing conditioner.

Even if you have perfect, normal hair, it is important to use a conditioner during the winter season.   If you use a lot of styling products using a conditioner on a regular basis will help keep your hair healthy.

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

There are several types of conditioners:  rinse off, leave on and deep conditioning.  Rinse off conditioners are the ones you use after you shampoo your hair. Simply leave it on for a minute or two and then rinse it off.  Leave on conditioners are handy when you use hair curlers or curling irons.  You spritz it on your hair and use the curlers or curling iron as usual.  Some of them can be applied to damp or dry hair.


Finally, you have your deep conditioning products.  Usually they stay on for a period of time anywhere from five to thirty minutes.  The deep conditioning helps heal damaged hair.  It is ideal for those who frequently overwork their hair!

And if you aren’t sure what conditioner to use, stop by and ask your stylist.  Our professionally trained stylists can help you choose the best products for your type of hair.   Enjoy the winter weather without worrying about the damage to your hair.

And of course, if winter’s already got your hair down, just come down to Hairoics, the number one Outer Banks hair salon. We’ll get you straight in hurry!

And since this is probably the last post before Christmas, we want to wish all of our friends on the Outer Banks and beyond a safe and happy holiday! Be careful and have a great time!

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