Help Hairoics Fight Breast Cancer on the Beach!

Throughout the world, breast cancer accounts for over 10% of ALL cancer in among women, which makes it the most common cancer, other than skin cancer, in women and the fifth leading cancer for mortalities. Every year, over half a million people died of breast cancer.

That’s almost 1% of ALL deaths in a year!

And don’t click to another site, gentlemen. Breast cancer occurs in men, too. And men with breast cancer are more likely to find it fatal due to the delay in prognosis, because men “don’t get breast cancer.”

Catch it Quick!

When caught early enough, though, survival rates are near 100%. As a matter of fact, the survival rate doesn’t dip below 90% until the third stage. That’s why early detection is so important with breast cancer. As long as it’s caught, you WILL survive.

Most experts recommend that women age 20 and older examine their breasts once a month during the week following the menstrual period. Women between the ages 20 and 39 should have a doctor examine their breasts at least once every 3 years.

Get Checked!

Women 40 and older should have a mammogram every 1 – 2 years, depending on their risk factors. Women should call their doctor immediately if they notice in change in their breasts whether or not they do routine breast self-exams.

Women 40 and older should have a complete breast exam by a health care provider every year.

In support of breast cancer awareness, between September 13-18, if you make a $15 donation at Hairoics, you’ll receive a pink hair extension, to show your support for the cause. So stop by your outer Banks Hair salon, and help stop this needless epidemic.

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