To be Short or Not to be Short…

During the fall and winter, we often think about letting our short hair grow out.  Why not?  It can provide a little more insulation around the ears, right?  Not a bad idea, but be prepared to make an honest self-assessment once it gets about shoulder length.  Are you getting split ends?  Does it look kind of straggly?  Do you have short ends flipping out?  No problem!  Just consider a slightly different look while it grows. And who knows better what will be flattering for you than your hair stylist.

Think about what kind of career and lifestyle you have.  Do you need an office professional look?  You might consider wearing a chignon or simple ponytail during the day. If you have thin hair, your stylist may suggest you consider having your hair cut in layers.  Layering adds height and volume, giving you the look of fuller, more voluminous hair. With thin hair, the classic bob hair style is both simple and easy, and it doesn’t get too messy with the strong winds the Outer Banks is so famous for.

Your use of hair care products may need changing as well.  Longer hair tends to need slightly more conditioning than short hair.  Letting your hair grow out does not mean you have to sacrifice style.

So come by Hairoics, your Outer Banks hair salon. Our stylists are skilled professionals who can do amazing things to help you keep looking great during the transitional growth.  Talk to them.  Not only can they give you a great hair style, no matter what type of hair you have, but then can also teach you the right products to use to keep your hair healthy.  See you soon!