The Best Hair Styles For Your Wedding

Through your planning process you’ll come to your dress, make-up and hair styles for yourself and your bridesmaids. This may be an overwhelming task in itself, but don’t fret! Your Outer Banks hair Salon has everything you need to look your best. 

The first step in looking your best on your big day is to pick the right dress. There are tons of wedding dresses out there, and the easiest way to decide on one is first think of your theme and what dress would go well with it. Do you want a traditional dress? Short or long? Should it be strapless? There are a lot of questions to ask yourself, but trying dresses on is the best way to see how they look on you.

Wedding Hair Styles

Once you’ve decided on the perfect dress you need to choose a hair style that will both fit your facial features as well as bring the most out of you in your dress. This is where we’ve got you covered! Our professional hair stylists know just what to do to make you look your best and we have a few suggestions on different hair dos to fit different dress styles.

  • Strapless Dress: Soft curls work great for strapless wedding dresses, especially pulled back or done up to show off the shoulders and collar.
  • Elegant Ball Gowns: With these you can go any way, but the best way to show off this type of dress is with an updo.
  • Mermaid Gown: These are dresses that are fitted in the waist and top but flare out near the knees. These dresses go great with 60 styled hair dos.

Also, a nice though is if you want to go simple with your hair, or have short hair that you can only do so much with, hair accessories are always a good choice. Whatever you do for your wedding hairstyle, make sure to get a haircut a month before the wedding day, keep it nice and clean, and see your hair stylist to discuss good styles for your wedding in advance. There’s a lot that can happen on the way, so being well prepared is key to a smooth wedding.

Pampering And Make-Up

The best part about our salon is that we have a full day spa and professional wedding make-up artists that can take care of the beauty and glamour side of your wedding as well! This way you can get everything you need done at one place, and spend a day with your girls while you’re at it!