Top Hot Hair Styles Of 2012

Every year, hairstyles or hairdos come into style and go out of style. We are now going to talk about the styles that are in for this year, 2012. If you are looking for a change of hairstyle, you may be well served by picking a style from the below given suggestions as they have already seemed to hit it off with the general public. Of course, you still have to be a little diligent about what style will be suitable for your face type. We have given you a few pointers about that as well. 

Try The Ombré Hair Color

If you are looking for a change of color in your hair, the hottest color out there is the ombré hair color. Ombré is actually a French word that pretty means that something is colored in a gradient manner. The roots are usually darker with this hair style and the hair lightens out towards the end. It is also known as the surfer girl look. This look works especially well with brunettes as it creates a nice little contrast that will have you noticed wherever you go and the trusted stylists at your Outer Banks hair salonknow just what to do to accomplish it.

Long Hair With Curls

Curls are still fashionable in 2012, if you wear them the right way. How about long hair that is straight all along, except at the end, where they end in dramatic curls that will bounce around. Just use the largest barrel curling iron that you can get your hands on, to curl out the hair towards the end. It can give you a great look that will complement your face. This is a great beach wedding hairstyle, perfect for that occasion that require you to dress up and look absolutely stunning.

A Fishtail Braid!

OK, this look can’t be pulled off by anyone. Those who can will however be able to sport a look that is sort of casual, sort of old fashioned and sort of sexy as well. Many celebrities chose this hairstyle for their appearance at various red carpet events. You know that a hairstyle is hot when it is tried out by many celebrities out there.

Beehive Hairdo For Women With A Short Face

If you have a short face, a beehive hairstyle can be a bold but very stylishlook that will have you looking very unique. The volume provided by this hairdo will give your face a longer and sleeker look. If you are getting it done at a hairdresser, tell them that you don’t the traditional beehive that will pile on the hair in buns at the top. You want something more sophisticated and looking like the hairdo in the picture below.

Slick Hair With A Ponytail

Need a simple, low maintenance hair style that is also sophisticated, sexy and playfulat the same time? Just slick your hair back, knot out a ponytail and you are good to go. Just check out the picture above to see how this simple hairdo works wonders to complement a woman’s beauty.

Long Bobs Are Still In

If you are in need of a hairstyle that is professional yet trendy, a long bob could definitely be the style for you. These are particularly popular with women who prefer shoulder length hair. They can be a great hairstyle for a corporate career as well. As you can see there are some great hair styles in for the year that are simple enough for you to even accomplish at home. And don’t think some styles are out for good because before you know it they are gonna be right back in the trend rotation. Make sure to stay in the loop by keeping up with Hairoics blog.

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