Summer Hair Nightmare in the Outer Banks

That’s right ladies the summer is right around the corner. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Protect your hair from summers’ harsh elements and look fabulous while doing it! Here are some tips for some beautiful beach goddess hair!

Keeping Hair Great for the Summer

  • Hair Protection: First, you’ve got to protect your hair from the suns harsh damaging rays. For this try using a spray on UV Protectant over a leave in conditioner. This will keep your hair soft and keep your color vibrant.
  • Use the Ocean: Saltwater, look out! Salt water can actually be used to your advantage. Instead of shampooing it out try using a scrunchy to bunch your hair while it dries and presto you’ve got thick locks of curly beach goddess hair!
  • Shorten the Length: Don’t forget to trim before the summer kicks in! Summer tends to dry out your locks. Trimming before the summer minimizes the damage to your hair by removing the risks that unhealthy dead ends pose. It’s easy just head into Hairoics and they’ll fix up your locks before its too late!
  • Keep it in Braids: If you need a more secure hair-do while soaking in some sun on the beach, try braids. This look is great on the beach and while the salt water is drying during the day; you’re left with a great night-time summer style. Easy!
  • Comb it Out: Don’t leave home without a wide-tooth comb. While saltwater is a good styling aid, it can leave hair knotted and clumpy. Spritz a bit of your UV Protectant onto the comb’s teeth and run it through strands after every swim to prevent those knots.

Hairoics can Help!

The hot sun and hair just doesn’t seem to get along, but with these tips, you’ll get through the summer with beautiful, and healthy-looking hair! As the best hair salon on the Outer Banks, let Hairoics help keep your hair perfect during all the summer fun! And if you are feeling tense from a long day of excitement, Hairoics’ body treatments and massages are the perfect option to turn to.

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  1. Jodie Keller
    Jodie Keller says:

    I would like to make an appointment with Dana……heavy low lights, soft high lights, a trim, & deep conditioning treatment.

    I would like to see if she is available Thursday march 31st or April 1st.
    Tahnk you!
    Jodie Keller

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