Seven Tips For Summer Makeup Success

outer banks hair salon and make upSummer sun. High humidity. Perspiration. Water sports. There are a whole host of new makeup challenges that appear when the temperature rises.

It is possible to avoid slippery, sticky situations; and it may be as simple as changing up your makeup routine for the season. To make sure you get the most of your summer, here are seven ways to put together a great summer beauty routine:

Lighten Up

You think lighter when it comes to summer clothing, so why not apply the same principle to your makeup? Summer is a great time to think sheer—tinted moisturizers rather than cake-y foundation, lighter moisturizers as opposed to heavy creams. These types of products will feel lighter on your skin and wear better in the hot sun.

Practice Safe Sun

All the reasons for never leaving the house without a good sunscreen are well-documented. Not only are you potentially saving yourself from skin cancer down the road, you are saving your skin from the aging effects of the sun as well. Cosmetics companies have finally perfected bronzing options that can fake a safe, sun-kissed glow. For those who think they look better with a tan, bronzing is the way to go. When using bronzer on your face, apply to those high points that would be most exposed to the sun—like the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin—for a believable glow. Speaking of believable, don’t forget to blend down over the neck and back to your ears.


But, let your personality do it, not your face. Your best bet for a solution to a shiny face? Blotting papers. Carry them with you and when you need a touch-up simply blot and go. Or, dust on some loose powder after blotting to even your skin tone and control shine. Another tool to keep on hand? Q-tips. They are handy for quickly correcting eye makeup when it runs.

Love Your Lips

Show your lips a little extra care this season. They tend to get burned, dry and chapped when exposed to the summer sun, wind and water. A good lip balm should definitely be your new best friend. And when it comes to dressing them up, opt for a sheer color or gloss as opposed to a thick creamy lipstick which would not only be uncomfortable to wear, but would appear too heavy as well.

Water Safety

Guard yourself against runny makeup with some of the quality waterproof options on the market today. If you are picking and choosing which products to take waterproof, start with the eyes. Most people won’t feel comfortable in a full face of makeup at the pool, but waterproof mascara is a must. Without it, one quick dip underwater and you could be left with black tracks running down your face.

Powders, Not Creams

Rising temperatures can make heavier cream eyeshadows and foundations feel heavy, cake-y or worse, slippery. Opt for a sheer powder to even out imperfections and stick with powder shadows for your eyes. Powder blushes and bronzers are your best bet too, unless you are working with very dry skin.

Think Color

Summer is the perfect time to add a punch of color to your wardrobe, so why not apply the same idea to your makeup? Just be careful not to overdo it and end up ready to join the circus. Choose one feature and play it up with a fun color whether it’s your eyes or lips.

A summer makeup routine shouldn’t blow your budget. It should be as easy and breezy as the season. Have fun with it and do what makes you most comfortable. And once you’ve got that down, come on over to Hairoics Salon & Spa and let your trusted Outer Banks hair stylists give you that summer hair to match the new summer you.

Cayla Crenshaw is a beauty expert and amateur writer who loves to discuss seasonal looks. She often writes about anything from relationship advice to getting great deals on cosmetic brushes.

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