Plan a Princess Party at Hairoics!

Is your little angel’s birthday coming up? If you’re like me, then you’re way too busy to plan and host a party. Hairoics has the perfect solution! How about a luxurious trip to a dream spa for a Princess Party? Not only can your little girl and all of her gal pals get a manicure and pedicure, they can do it in style as princesses from lands far away.

Celebrate Every Major Event

Hairoics plans and designs princess party’s with decorations, cookies, and cake for any occasion, not just birthdays. Graduations: stop in before that slumber party,

or maybe even just a mommy daughter bonding experience. It’s a party that the adults will stay and enjoy, as well. Choose from a large variety of pretty pink polishes for all those little piggies.

Have a Personal Servant!

Other princess parties fall flat with boredom compared to these exciting, non-stop entertaining parties. The best part? No need to be scared to chip a nail while ripping open those presents, or drinking tea at the tea party:  Hairoics also caters to specific party themes, too! Don’t just do any princess party.

Try Some of These Party ideas:

  • Alice and Wonderland– Down the rabbit hole, Cheshire Cats will smile, and Mad Hatters will drink tea.
  • Arabian Princess – For the princess who loves lounging in sandals and a veil.
  • Beauty and the Beast– Be our guest. Belle always provides a party fit for a cup and saucer.
  • Princess Pocahontas – Choose nail polish in any color of the wind. For the princess who likes the forest & animals.
  • Princess Jasmine – Anything can happen at a party that welcomes genies!
  • Royal Princess – This party has just got to have a throne and tons of jewelry.
  • Sleeping Beauty – Will Princess Aurora ever wake up?  The magic fairies will save the day!
  • Snow White – Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s party time you know.

As the best hair salon on the Outer Banks, Hairoics can make your Princess Party an experience to remember! And if you’re little princess needs a trim before the big event, stop by early: we do children’s haircuts too! If you’re looking for a party that will stick to your girl’s heart, this is the perfect opportunity.