Matching a Hairstyle to Your Hair Type

You’re wedding hairstyle is just as important as your dress, and yet brides don’t normally give equal consideration when choosing the best hairstyle for the big day.  You definitely need to take some time deciding what style you’d like because there are different wedding hairstyles that will look best with different hair types! Let’s take a look at them here:

What’s Your Hair Type?

  • Straight: You might want to curl your dull, straight hair to give it depth, but you can’t fight nature: using tight curls could make them fall by the end of the night. If curls are your dream, keep them big and loose. You could also go for the modern sleek look with a low bun to one side or a bow-like French twist, which will exhibit your hair’s beautifully smooth salon on the Outer Banks
  • Fine: If you have very fine hair, it can be tough to make an elaborate hairdo.  Keep the look simple or it can turn chaotic. It’s very common to choose an updo so that you don’t have to worry about it dying down by the end of the night. So pick an updo hairstyle, but not something you see everyday, this is your special day! Try adding twists, loops, baby braids, or even hair accessories to match the quality of your hair.
  • Thick: If you have thick, beautiful locks, show them off! A twisted half-updo would look amazing, or you could try braided styles, as well. If you have thick hair, be prepared to spend more time at the salon to straighten out your thick hair.
  • Curly:  Just like with straight hair, you shouldn’t mess with nature. If your hair is very curly, you can try flat-ironing it straight, but you’ll find those curls back within the hour. Let those curls have a spotlight too! Natural beauty is always best.
  • Oily: if you have grease-prone hair, you should probably think about getting an updo hairstyle. We tend to touch our hair more when it’s left down (and increase oil production), so keeping it up will keep the natural oils to a minimum.

hair salon on the Outer BanksPlenty More Where That Came From

There are plenty of more hair types that we’ll cover soon: long, short, colored, natural, and even fashion forward hairstyles.  If you want to know more about any of these, just ask in the comments and we’ll do what we can to answer!

Or if you’d like, you can head over to the hair salon on the Outer Banks and talk to a personal wedding makeup artist and hairstylist. Hairoics has the best wedding hair designers on the Outer Banks and we can make you look outstanding for your wedding day and every other day!