Summer Hair Care on the Outer Banks

When you live at the beach, the sun is your constant companion. Eventually, you fail to even notice its rays constantly beating down on your head. While rubbing on some suntan lotion to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays is probably second nature by now, protection for your hair (and your investment in beautiful hair color) is often overlooked.

While the easiest option might be a stylish hat, there are also many products in your favorite salon that are easy to use. And besides, with all the time and energy you invest in your hair, do you really want to cover it up?

Products to Boost and Repair Summer Hair

Look for Pureology, which contains UV protection in most of their products. Their Anti-Fade Complex would be a perfect companion in your beach bag next to your sun tan lotion. Tigi’s Bed  Head  line “Some Like It Hot” not only offers UV protection, but is also sulfate free and helps control the effects of heat and humidity.


Air & Hair Conditioning!

And don’t forget, if it’s time to turn on the air conditioner, it’s time to step up the hair conditioner. This will keep your hair moist in the summer sun, rather than dry and frizzy. Also, think about wearing a bathing cap to keep your hair safe from the harmful effects of the salt-water or chlorine.


Preventing is Better Than Remedying

So enjoy the beach without sacrificing the health of your skin and hair. Take some precautions and stay beautiful. And if you were a little late in looking for summer hair care tips, stop by Hairoics, the number one Outer Banks hair salon. Our professional staff can bring your hair back to life. And don’t forget to visit our boutique for a full line of hair care products!

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