Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Wedding Day!

Planning your wedding day can be stressful sometimes. What, with deciding on the vendor, the caterer, the professional photographer, and even the wedding equipment renter, it can be tough job that would exhaust anyone.

And those aren’t even the only things that need considering! The most important thing of all for a wedding on the Outer Banks, is the bride herself, and with that, her wedding gown and wedding hairstyleAren’t sure what kind of hairstyle to choose? Let’s go over some pointers to help you decide the perfect hairdo for you!

Points to Consider

  • hair salon on the Outer BanksMatch Maker: your wedding hairstyle should always match the gown, not compete with it. How formal the dress is determines what direction you should take. In a simple cut dress, for instance, a slick-back hairdo or a sleek blow-out would be perfect. If it’s a high-waisted frock, you could put your hair in loose curls with small flowers or tied back. And if you choose a big ball gown, dramatic updos are amazing.
  • Think with your Head: if you have a headpiece it’s important to take it into consideration when choosing the wedding hairstyle: wide-tooth combs can’t do much if you have straight, smooth hair. You’ll have to swap it out for a finer comb. Wavy hair is better with the power to keep your headpiece in place: use bobby pins, barrettes, combs, etc. Also make sure that it works with both your headdress and without.
  • Hair Length: of course, you might be limited by the length of your hair, but that shouldn’t stop you from looking absolutely amazing.  If you have short hair, mini barrettes give for a sweet option for a young bride. For long locks, there are so many options to choose from that the list would be close to endless. But thing about the season you’re special day is in: keeping your hair up in the summer sounds like a great idea!


hair salon on the Outer BanksMaking it Your Own Style

With so many accessories to choose from like petals, barrettes, buns, or even wigs, you can easily make a beautiful style your own unique hairdo. And Hairoics would be happy to help you get that amazing wedding hairstyle! As the best hair salon on the Outer Banks, we not only do hairstyles, but gorgeous wedding makeup too! So call today and make your appointment to get ready for your big day!

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