Tips to Keep Your Hair Looking Absolutely Fabulous on the Outer Banks!

You work hard on your hair, and put a lot of work into it. So it’s only natural you would want to protect your hair and keep it looking fabulous between stylings. Here is a short list of tips to follow to keep your hair looking luxuriant!

In General – Live healthy. The old saying “you are what you eat” really does apply to hair. And make sure you get enough sleep.

Hair Products – Avoid hair products that list alcohol as the primary ingredient. It will dry out your scalp. And avoid applying styling products straight to the scalp, as it can clog pores.

Swimming – Wet your hair first. It will soak up clean water rather than chlorinated pool water or salty ocean water. Using a cap will also protect it further. If you don’t do any of these though, at least shampoo and condition immediately after.

Drying – Hot air can really damage your hair, so make sure you use the cool setting when blow drying it. And make sure you keep it moving and not in one place. Or ideally, just pat it dry with a towel, and let it air dry.

Brushing – Use natural hair bristled brushes. It’s more pliant and less damaging to your hair.Don’t brush when wet, as that’s when hair is at its most fragile.  Wait for it to dry.

Before you brush, use a comb to remove tangles. Start at the ends and work to the base, making sure to get any leftover tangles. Always stroke down.

Shampooing and Conditioning – Buy shampoos & conditioners that match your hair type, trial and error is the best way to find out what specific hair product is best for your hair. Shower with warm water, hot water can dry and/or irritate the scalp.

If you need more help with your hair, come down to the number one Outer Banks Hair Salon, Hairoics Spa and Salon!