Hair Tips for Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is just around the corner and you are looking forward to your costume and your hair and makeup.  Your hair style is a very important part of your costume and will go a long way to making your costume a success.

Here are some tips for styling your hair for Halloween:

  • Color – If you are changing your hair color for Halloween, make sure you use temporary hair coloring.  Colored hair spray and temporary colored gels are the easiest to remove on November 1.  When it is time to remove your temporary color, just brush out your hair and wash with a clarifying shampoo.  Don’t panic if the color doesn’t come out right away, you may need to shampoo two or three times to completely remove the temporary color.  Be sure to use a moisturizing conditioner once the color is out.
  • Crimping Iron – A crimping iron is an easy way to add wild texture to your hair and can complement any style of costume, from scary to sexy.  If you do not typically use a crimping iron, you may want to buy some thermal guard to protect your hair from the heat of the iron.
  • Back Combing – It is quite likely that your Halloween hair will require back combing to achieve the desired effect.  Spray your hair with finishing spray after back combing to hold it in place.  To remove the back combing, use a brush with plastic bristles and start at the ends, working your way to the base of the back combing.

These tips should help you to have the best costume (well, hair style at the very least) on the beach.

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