Why we Choose to be a Commission-Based Salon

There has been a trend in the industry towards booth rental suites with each hairstylist working as independent contractors.

One of the most common complaints  is the client not having the ability to speak with anyone to make appointments there is no front desk, no greeting , no glass of wine or cup of tea offered.

Hairoics has a trained team on our front desk who answer your phone calls immediately and can assist you in booking multiple services, often not available in booth rental establishments  and they make calls the day before your appointment to offer a convenient reminder regarding your upcoming appointment.

Our front desk also offers guidance on selecting your favorite styling products recommended by your hairstylist, and other items in our large boutique, including bath and body, makeup, and many other selections.

The environment is one that encourages teamwork, since all the employees have been trained to assist in assuring all clients receive timely and courteous service.. these are not individual contractors promoting only themselves and vying for your business but a cohesive group of professionals making up one team with one goal in mind: your satisfaction and the clients’ sense of well being.