Top Hairstyles For Spring 2016 On The Outer Banks

Spring is poised to make its big debut for 2016 very soon. There are some signs already afoot — some warm days and gentle breezes have made their appearance — which means it’s time to starting thinking about a fresh new look for your hair. Nothing sweeps away the winter doldrums like an updated hairdo. Below are just a few ideas to get you started.

Start off with a Bang!


Spring 2016 will be marked with lots of texture and nowhere is this more evident than in the bangs department. Textured, bold bangs are designed to let you work with your hair’s natural structure instead of fighting it. By using just a dollop of styling product, you can accentuate wavy or curly hair to bring out the structure of your bangs. Talk to your stylist about cutting your hair so that you can wear it in its natural texture.

Braids Have It!


If you have medium- to long-length hair, chances are you rely on braids to help you keep your hair tangle free while you are sleeping. Be prepared to trip them out more frequently for the spring of 2016, though, as the style explodes on the scene. A variety of different braid styles — think milkmaid braids, baby braids, boxer braids and the ever-popular French braids — mean that you can easily find one to suit the occasion — and your personality!

Textured Bobs


This season, sleek and smooth bobs give way to textured hairstyles that celebrate your unique hair structure. Instead of struggling to make your hair fit a different kind of mold, just tell your hair stylist that you want the kind of bob that looks best for your hair texture and length. Then, stand back and watch the magic happen! The result will be a stylish bob that looks great, is easy to maintain and turns heads wherever you go.

Ready to usher in a new hairstyle for 2016? Come chat with us and see what fresh new style we can give you today!