Why Is My Hair So Dry and What Can I Do About It?

Whether you have long or short hair, curly or straight, no one is immune from dry hair. Shampoos, sun exposure, heat treatments, and chemicals are just a few reasons that your hair can get dry. There are several things that you can do to help replenish your hair and give it the moisture and care it has lacked. So, ask yourself: why is my hair so dry and what can I do about it?

Here are some of the answers you have been seeking.

Your Shampoo May Be Ruining Your Hair

Believe it or not, but your shampoo could be severely damaging your hair. Often shampoos contain chemicals that stripe oils and moisturizers that your hair desperately needs. By the time your hair starts to rejuvenate itself, you may be rewashing it.

Make sure that you have a good shampoo that adds moisturizers to your hair. Cheaper shampoos are often the worst, as the cleansing agents deplete the hair.

Conditioners are helpful. Try to find one that specifically states that it has components like Omega’s, avocado oil, shea butter, or coconut oil. These can help repair dry hair.

Also, don’t over wash your hair. It is not necessary to wash your hair every day. Unless you were sweating, were around strong odor like a campfire, or you need to eradicate hat head, you can wash your hair only a couple of times a week.


The Sun Can Damage Your Hair

Do you like to spend your weekends at the beach all summer long? Naturally that would be a yes. While the sun has many benefits, you need to protect your hair just like you protect your skin with sunblock. UV rays not only damage your hair in the short term, but they can inhibit your hair’s ability to absorb necessary moisture. Be sure to wear a UV protecting hat, which can also help shield your face.

If your hair and scalp are exposed to excessive rays, ask your hairstylist for a deep conditioning treatment; this can help restore vital moisture and vitamins to your hair and scalp and repair some of the damage that has occurred.


Overusing Heat Can Hurt Your Hair

Hair dryers, curling irons, and flat irons are fantastic for styling your hair, however, they can be quite harmful.

If you need to use a heating tool, lower the temperature setting, when able. Most blow dryers, even the cheap ones, have a high/low setting. While it may take a little longer to dry your hair, the damage that excess heat causes is not worth saving a couple of minutes.

If you can’t avoid high temperatures, try limiting the number of times you use hair heating tools.

Additionally, use a moisturizer in between stylings to replenish what as lost.

Dry Hair May Be Inherited

Sometimes dry hair is just the luck of the draw. If you have curly hair, it’s because you have a bent cuticle layer that creates the curled effect. Curly hair does tend to be drier than straight hair because it loses moisture faster. If curly hair runs in your family, you may all suffer from dry hair.

Be sure to purchase hair care products that cater to those which curly hair. These should have the nourishment that was mentioned above, such as shea butter or omegas. Also, practicing some of these hair care tips can help.

Cold Air Can Damage Your Hair

Just like the summer sun at the beach, heavy winds and cold air can damage your hair.

Wind can cause the moisture in your hair to evaporate quickly. If you have ever seen a wet road dry fast when it is windy, you can imagine what the wind can do to your hair.

Just like windburn to your skin, harsh winds can harm your hair. To combat it, wear a hat when outdoors.

If you are tired of having dry hair, look at your routine; see if what you are doing is causing unnecessary damage. Regardless if you are spending too much time in the sun or if you only purchase cheap shampoos, there are steps you can take to fix the damage that has been done. If you can’t find a hair care product that can combat your dry hair, ask your stylist what you can do to boost the moisture in your hair. They will match you with the right products to keep your hair amazing all year long.