Bikini Contest on the Outer Banks!

What are you doing every Monday night? Why don’t you head down to Kelly’s Restaurant for their Miss Kelly’s Bikini Contest? Watching beautiful women walking around in bikini’s sounds like a better plan than sitting at home watching TV.  And Kelly’s is a lot more fun environment than the office if you were planning to work late.

It’s happening every Monday in June and runs from 10 PM to 1 AM so you better be a bit of a night owl. Registration and suiting is from ten to eleven-thirty. Judging begins promptly at Midnight.

At this point you may be wondering why we’re talking about Kelly’s on the Hairoics blog. Because the first place winner of the contest wins $100 -Bacardi, $50 Kelly’s Gift Certificate, $25 Brew Thru Gift Certificate & T-Shirt, Budweiser T-shirt, and a Manicure by Hairoics!

That’s right; the winner gets a manicure from us for looking the best in a bikini. Not to mention our very own Jen Lowe is one of the judges!

So come down to Kelly’s this Monday night, and join us for a fun filled evening of beer and bikinis. Bring your friends, maybe get your girlfriend to enter, and we’ll have a blast! And if you want to enter the contest, hey,make sure you visit the best Outer Banks hair salon, and make sure you look your best before the contest!