Look Like a Celebrity At Your Outer Banks Prom

No matter what color dress you choose for your Outer Banks Prom, makeup is an important accessory. It can enhance your dress and create a more sophisticated and polished look. Or it can be a huge distraction. Choosing makeup colors to match your clothing is yesterday. Colors which make your eyes pop and enhance your features are more flattering and current.

Here a some tried and true tips for choosing flattering colors and standing out from the crowd.

Decide What Kind of Look You Want and Choose Your Makeup Accordingly

Is your dress classic, vintage, or more trendy? How you apply your makeup and the colors you choose add to the overall image you wish to create. If you wish to create an authentic period look, check out some websites and books that feature the era you are interested in. Many colors available today were not available even ten years ago.


If you are wearing a dress in a strong or bold color, you definitely don’t want to overdo the makeup(keep the makeup colors neutral), though you may need one strong feature to balance the dress. Conversely, if your dress is brown, black, white or a grey, you can use more color in your makeup.

The Eyes Have It

Choosing colors which compliment your natural eye color is always a good choice. If you’re not sure, you can go with neutrals like grey or brown tones.Makeup-Eyes
Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Green eyes can be warm and golden or cool and blue green. Warm green eyes will benefit from a nice warm brown shadow. Cooler grey or blue green eyes will stand out by using a grey toned shadow.
  • Blue eyes look great in browns, peaches, and cool grey tones.
  • Brown eyes are the most versatile and look great with neutral shades like eggplant, plum, and burgundy. Charcoal and grey tones work great too.

Choose one Feature to Highlight

Choose one feature to highlight and keep the rest soft and natural. If you like really strong eye makeup, then lips and cheeks should be played down. Or if a strong lip color is your thing, then go with it, and enhance the cheeks for balance, but keep the eyes soft.

Choose Warm or Cool Colors Based On the Tone of Your Dress

For example, if your dress is a cool powder blue, you’ll want to choose corresponding makeup shades. That doesn’t mean powder blue eye shadow. That means cool shadow colors, cheek and lip colors.

Get a Tan

When showing a lot of skin, a tan is a great way to to make an impact. Whether faux or real it can also save some time getting ready. Just remember, the face, neck and chest must all match within one shade. So if you tan your body but not your face, then you’ll have to apply a foundation to match the rest of you. Pale face and tanned body equal makeup distraction. Keep it real.

Don’t Overdue the Shimmer

A little goes a long way. Choose one feature to put the shine on and keep the rest matte.

Keep the Lips Neutral

It’s always a safe bet and easier to maintain than bolder colors.
Neutral doesn’t mean no color, or pale color. You can choose a neutral, pink, peach or even red. A gloss is a great way to achieve a neutral wash of color. A good rule to remember is, light colors enhance and dark colors minimize. If you have small lips stick with lighter shades. Fuller lips can take more color.

Most important of all, have fun. Try new ideas. If you are not sure what you want, stop by your Outer Banks Hair Salon and have the professionals make you shine!

Article by Jenny Houston.
Jenny Houston is a professional blogger that writes for NightMovesProm.com, a leading designer of prom dress and Quinceanera gowns.