Top 5 Tips for Ageless Beauty On The Outer Banks

Some women just have a vibrant and youthful fire that blazes from within, no matter what their age. And as they get older, they seem to mature with an elegance and sophistication that gives them an ageless beauty we all admire.

So what are their secrets? Well, it turns out there are some things we ladies can all do to look and feel young, no matter what our age.

Here are the top 5 tips from beautiful women of all ages to help us retain our inner glow as we age with grace and style: Read more

Look Like a Celebrity At Your Outer Banks Prom

No matter what color dress you choose for your Outer Banks Prom, makeup is an important accessory. It can enhance your dress and create a more sophisticated and polished look. Or it can be a huge distraction. Choosing makeup colors to match your clothing is yesterday. Colors which make your eyes pop and enhance your features are more flattering and current. Read more

When It Comes To Wedding Rings, Do As The Romans Do!

When a couple marries, generally(but not always) both the bride and groom wear wedding rings.

In this country it is customary to wear the wedding ring on the fourth finger of the left hand(the ring finger). In other countries, however, the customs can vary surprisingly. Read more

Shellac For Your Nails on the Outer Banks!

Hey everyone! We’re so excited! We have something new in the salon that’s pretty exciting! Shellac is the newest offering from CND, and it’s impressive! The days of flawed nail polish are over! Now your nails will stay pretty for at least two weeks, with no chipping or fading! Read more

Welcome To Hairoics’ Newest Home

Hi, and welcome to Hairoics’ brand new online home!

We’re preparing a ton of new resources, fashions, tips, and ideas for you, and you’ll find it all neatly posted here. Stay tuned!

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