7 Super Apps to Find the Perfect Prom Dress On The Outer Banks

Shopping for the perfect prom dress can be a time-consuming task. But with a little pre-shopping research, and the help of some of the many prom-related apps available today, finding your style can be a quick and painless process. You might even find yourself having fun while you shop!

Below are 7 super apps to help you prepare for your prom on the Outer Banks and find the perfect dress:

1. Prom 360 (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)—

This is an app for those who like to plan every last little detail, from the dress, shoes, accessories and hair, to the appointments for pre-prom beauty appointments.

Prom 360 gives users access to many prom dress designers, the latest trends and styles in dresses and hair, with a budget and timeline feature to keep everything running smoothly and on schedule. If planning and trying to keep details organized stresses you out, this app can be a lifesaver.

2. Cool Book Prom Dress 2013 (iPhone and iPad)—

The Cool Book Prom Dress 2013 app is a great way to get ideas so you can start visualizing what styles you think might look good on you or suit your personality.

You can find inspiration by looking through many different dress collections, and even share ideas on Twitter and Facebook to get quick feedback from friends.

3. PromGuide (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)—

This app allows users to view thousands of different prom dresses and shoes to give anyone getting started on the hunt for the best dress an advantage over off-the-rack rookies.

With Facebook integration, this app will share the looks you love online so you can seek opinions from pals, and even offers a selection of tuxedos so you can make sure to perfectly match your date.

4. Night Moves Prom 2013 (iPhone and iPad)—

Whether you’re looking for inspiration, or know exactly what you want, the Night Moves Prom 2013 app can help you find it. With a database loaded with hundreds of prom fashion retailers, this app can help any future prom princess find the store selling her dream dress.

This helpful app also allows users to share images of dresses and shoes via Twitter, Facebook or email. It can also conveniently store measurements, and will even countdown the days to prom so you can stay on schedule.

5. Plan’it Prom (iPhone and iPad)—

The Plan’it Prom app is one of the best apps available for ladies on a budget, or those who simply like to get the most for their money.

With a photo gallery, cost-cutting tips, a prom timeline and an extremely detailed budgeting option (accessories, dress, dinner, hair, etc.), this app is a wonderful way to make sure nothing prom-related is forgotten; including the financial planning.

6. iPromDress: Prom Dress Shopping Assistant (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)—

Consider this app the technological equivalent of having your very own personal stylist to keep track of your ideas and help you choose the perfect dress, shoes and accessories for prom.

With the iPromDress: Prom Dress Shopping Assistant app, you can keep all of your favorite prom looks in one place by using personalized flipbooks, and share your beautiful visions via email, Facebook or Yelp.

7. Prom Dresses Fitting Room (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)—

This is a great app for those in the very earliest stages of prom dress planning who are wondering in which styles they might look best. After all, if you know what you’re shopping for, the perfect dress-finding process can move much faster.

With over 30 dresses in assorted styles, the Prom Dresses Fitting Room app lets users upload a picture of themselves in a bikini and then “try on” various types of dresses, saving time spent in dressing rooms later with incompatible dresses.

With a bit of research and dedication, you can free your inner fashionista and find a fabulous prom dress, all while staying on schedule and within your budget. Use the helpful apps above to find your perfect prom dress, shoes and accessories.


Karen Houston is a professional blogger that discusses prom and homecoming related topics. She writes for Night Moves Prom by Allure.