5 Signs That Your Skin Is Too Dry (For Men)

It may sound strange for men to worry about dry skin, but the truth is that men can struggle with dried-out skin as much as women, especially in certain climates and environments. Dry skin can lead to premature aging and unpleasant condition – conditions that men want to avoid as well. Fortunately, a variety of easy, scent-free moisturizers offer dry-skin solutions for men these days. Consider using one of these moisturizers if you experience any symptoms of dried-out skin.

Common signs and indicators include:

1. Your Skin Feels Tight or Itchy:

Tight skin does not always mean you have a low body fat percentage and are successfully showing off some muscle. It often means that your skin has lost some elasticity and is probably struggling to produce enough oil – particularly if you feel tight sky on your face. Itchy areas on your tight skin also indicate that your skin is drying out and starting to fleck (random itchy patches, on the other hand, are usually allergic reactions). This itchiness and tightness will be most obvious after a hot shower, when skin swiftly dries out and tries to compensate for the sudden change.

2. Your Skin Has a Rougher Look:

You can tell many signs of dry skin simply by looking at your face in the mirror. Dry skin has a rougher, more worn appearance, while healthy, moisturized skin will look younger and smoother. Rough skin does not add to your manliness – it just means your skin is on the way to cracking and wrinkling. To help slow down the aging process and keep your skin healthy, using moisturizers to treat these patches.

3. You Ignore the Type of Soap You Use:

Sometimes soap is a little too easy to buy. If you are still purchase the average, cheap bar of soap without paying attention to what is in it or how it works, you could be suffering from dry skin problems and not even know it. The cheap soap bars are harsh on your skin – they may clean it, but they also scrub away protective oils and could lead to slow, long-term damage. When buying soap, looking for versions that have moisturizers and help keep your skin healthy instead of just removing the current layer.

4. You Like Snow Sports:

Snow sports abuse skin, especially exposed skin around the face and neck. However, even that skin behind your goggles, gloves, and helmets can suffer. Cold air is naturally very dry, since the moisture freezes on nearby surfaces instead of floating freely. This saps moisture from your skin. Even walking or running out in cold weather (snow is not necessary) can lead to dry skin problems. So along with the winter gear, pack a lotion or moisturizer you can use after playing out in the harsh air.

5. You Work Around Irritants:

One of the most common causes of dry skin for guys is nearby irritants. If you work around lots of dust, sawdust, smoke, plastic products, or soap, then your skin is probably suffering for it. When your job requires proximity to these substances, counter the effects by taking a little more time to care for your skin.

If you suffer from dry skin or at risk, come down to the Outer Banks Hair Salon Spa. We can help you feel healthy and happy right away!

Jeremy Ford is professional blogger that provides information and advice on men skin care products, African American hair care and African American men skin care. He writes for Himistry Skincare, a leading retailer for the best men skin care products with cutting edge ingredients designed for men.