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New bareMinerals, Pacifica Beauty & More: Our Salon & Spa Boutique Just Got Even Bigger

Pacifica Beauty, Urban Spa, Cottage Greenhouse, Spa Splurge, Spongelle, Hydra Aromatherapy, and Kitsch are some of the new product lines you’ll now find in our OBX Salon & Spa boutique, in addition to the latest bareMinerals Brow Master Brow series. Stop by and ask one of our specialists how these new products can improve your daily beauty routine. Read more

5 Signs That Your Skin Is Too Dry (For Men)

It may sound strange for men to worry about dry skin, but the truth is that men can struggle with dried-out skin as much as women, especially in certain climates and environments. Dry skin can lead to premature aging and unpleasant condition – conditions that men want to avoid as well. Fortunately, a variety of easy, scent-free moisturizers offer dry-skin solutions for men these days. Consider using one of these moisturizers if you experience any symptoms of dried-out skin.

Common signs and indicators include:

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