A Wedding Hairstyle To Sustain a Hurricane [Bride Testimonial]

Our team is proud to help hundreds of brides and bridal parties prepare for their weddings, and we’re pretty good at accommodating last-minute emergencies. But there are still times when our stylists surprise us with their commitment and hard work, which is exactly the case we’re highlighting today.

A few days ago, a bride named Maria left us a heart warming message on Facebook about how she still remembers how Ruth was able to make her dream hairstyle into reality at the very last minute – after a hurricane warning was in place and her original stylist had cancelled! Below is the full story, straight from the source.

What Maria Had To Say

Here’s what Maria wrote on our Facebook page:

I have always wanted to send a thank you to this place.

In October 2015 my husband and I were to wed and a year of planning that was completed to the very detail all changed due to hurricane Joaquin. A joke of a hurricane, yet scared most of my family up north from flying down. Our DJ could not make it due to work as a firefighter and had to be in recall, as well as my husband a fire fighter and the worry he might have to go in. It was a crazy mess. I had a hair appointment for Saturday w bombshells, down payment and all. But due to switching the wedding a day earlier they were unable to accommodate nor reimburse even half of my down payment.

I was frantically looking for a place to have my hair done. My hair was the biggest thing I cared about in regards to how I would look on my wedding day. The staff from the very first hello to the owners were so kind and understanding of my situation and they introduced me to Ruth. A year and a half later I have not forgotten how amazing of a job you did!

Ruth was willing to even paddle a boat to work to get my hair done lol. I will always thank you for your skills and understanding how much I needed my hair to be on point for such a big day in my life. I came our pretty gorgeous because of it! Thank you always!


Maria, her husband, and her amazing hairdo

Of Course, Ruth Remembers It As Well

We asked Ruth about Maria’s wedding hairstyle and this is what she had to say:

I remember how nervous Maria was!

It was her wedding weekend, a hurricane had literally just passed, and she was stuck with a stylist she had never met! Not only did her hair have to be beautiful, but it had to withstand gale force winds.

Maria’s vision was of volume and curls cascading down the side. I began by prepping the hair with a working spray for massive hold and curling small sections with a curling wand. Each section was tightly woven into an intricate lattice of cascading curls that were secured tightly adding a bit of back brushing on the top for fullness and fully anchoring the look.

The final effect was soft, and sensual, yet withstood the elements of a blustery beach wedding. It was an honor to be a part of her dream day.

Not Even a Hurricane Can Stop Hairoics

We’re proud to have been able to help Maria, and we’re also extremely proud of Ruth for her talent and hard work. If you have a dream wedding hairstyle, share it with us and we’ll make sure it too can withstand whatever nature throws it your way.