Outer Banks Autumn Hair: Colour Ideas & Inspiration

Summer has waned and so has the tan, your beautiful balayage and sun-kissed highlights are beginning to blur together into a bit of a washed out look. Well, autumn is the perfect time to infuse your tresses with fresh vitality and a bit of fall hair colours flair. Craving a bit of inspiration? Glamour Magazine has compiled a seriously stunning gallery of celeb favorites donning a myriad of timeless balayage fall stylings.

This is the perfect time to add autumn low lights and some much-needed definition to your hair. Highlights stand out better with a backdrop of colourful fall tones. Think fall foliage! Instead of a Blended Blonde Balayage, consider the darker Buttered Wheat Toast shot through with caramel and warm cinnamon hues. There’s no reason to give up your soft, natural look when you work with Outer Banks hair stylists skilled at creating beautiful blends and infusing gorgeous dimension!

fall hair colors -  Hailey Baldwin on instagram

fall hair colors – Hailey Baldwin on instagram

Fall Hair Color Transformation

Our stylist had a few ideas for her fall hair transformation and we prepared an awesome before/after to showcase the possibilities:


Transitioning to Winter Hair

As you transition into the the winter months, dont forget to condition your hair properly add vitality and shine to your hair palette. Brit.com caters to over 125 million women every month, and is a great resource for fall colour ideas. You can mull over a few ideas there and discuss with our stylists which would better suit your look and personality.

Consider deep browns fading to bright honey blonde, or deep burgundy bridging the gap between dramatic reds and lighter browns.  Feel daring? – go out on a limb and be playful with hues of forest green highlighting a mane of raven.


fall hair style red heads – Emma Roberts -nikkilee901 instagram

Revitalize Your Hair with Honey Gold Tones

To revitalize and impart that lustrous shine, opt for more honey gold tones laced with brighter highlights. Summer was hot and furious, but now autumn’s riot of beautiful tones offers an opportunity for a fresh look for upcoming holidays. If you’re not working with a master hair colourist and styling team that embraces cut, colour, and nurturing as a total hair salon treatment – then you may be headed for a botched balayage.